Situated on a hill with an exceptional panoramic view, Wamala Tombs is where one of the greatest ancient kings of Buganda, Kabaka Suuna II was laid to rest. Suuna II ruled from 1836 to 1856, had over 148 wives and 218 children. He was the last Kabaka to be laid in his own palace and also the last King to have his jaw bone (which was believed to contain his spirit) removed after death and placed in a royal sanctum staffed by his followers. Notably, Kabaka Suuna II was the first Kabaka to admit outside traders into Buganda. Wamala Tombs is a great cultural spot to visit on your Uganda safaris.

Wamala Tombs

The Wamala Tombs, comprising of the sanctum of King Suuna II are one of the remaining two tombs of a kind of such complexes in the country. It is a very relevant place for traditional Ganda rituals that keep being held by the royals of the Kingdom, a spot where the King of Buganda and his Kingdom officials consistently perform vital traditional ceremonies that allow them to maintain communication with their ancestors. The followers of the kings alongside Buganda Kingdom officials have maintained the streak of maintaining Wamala Tombs but still, their endeavors havn’t been adequate enough to lay new grass on the roofs of the tombs as consistently as required.

The royal Wamala Tombs site is situated at Wamunyenye in Kyadondo County of the Buganda region along the Kampala – Hoima highway. When driving from Kampala, the journey is about approximately 14 Kilometers (roughly 30 minutes from Kampala) along the Kampala – Hoima highway through a town called Nansana.

Wamala Tombs

Don’t wait to be part of the great history that Wamala Tombs holds. Book a Uganda safari with us today and we shall have it slotted on the itinerary of your trip. This place holds great history especially about the fact that it holds the remains of the first Kabaka (King of Buganda) who allowed foreign traders in Buganda.

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