The amazing Zika Forest in Entebbe is a place to be

Uganda wildlife facts

Zika Forest is located along Entebbe Road (approximately 25 kilometers from Kampala) and stands among the major attractions in the area. Zika Forest is not far away from the Airport implicating it’s very easy to visit especially for foreigners. Zika Forest is where the Zika Virus originated from. The Zika Virus is a virus that has since spread a lot of fear in the world. Zika was first observed in a monkey from Zika Forest and is claimed to have …


List of all Uganda National Parks

Affordable 3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Safari

Looking for the list of national parks in Uganda? There are a number of Uganda national parks and more could come up in the near future. So how many national parks are in Uganda? Uganda currently has 10 National Parks distributed in various parts of the country. These national parks harbor a wide species of mammals and birds. Talking about size, Murchison Falls National Park is so far the biggest of all while Semiliki Valley National Park is the smallest. …


Uganda Travel Tips

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Want to adventure Uganda, the Pearl of Africa? your steps closer to getting started but lets take you through some Uganda travel advice to give you a basic understandings of what you may require. Some people travel to Uganda without carrying out enough research of what is required of them which leads to last minute interruptions in some occasions. Before we proceed any further we have to know about about safety in Uganda. A portion of people think Uganda is …