Uganda safety for Americans

Uganda safety

Is Uganda safe for Americans? There already an article on this blog, a safety guide for Uganda that includes almost all the vital information you will need to know. However, we have decided to come up with a separate Uganda safety guide specifically for Americans to help them plan their safari to Uganda with ease. How safe is Uganda for Americans? We shall look at this point in different perspectives and i’ll say Uganda is absolutely safe for Americans except …


List of all Cultural Sites in Uganda

Namugongo Shrine

Uganda is very rich in culture and has a strong cultural heritage with a couple of cultural sites split up in different regions of the country. Almost each and every tribe in Uganda has either a kingdom or chiefdom which has been the tradition ever since. Kingdoms and Chiefdoms was first demolished over 40 years ago not until the incumbent president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni revived the idea of Kingdoms in Uganda shortly after taking over power in 1986. The fact …


Best time to have gorilla safaris in Uganda

gorilla safaris in uganda

It’s good to know the best time to have gorilla safaris in Uganda before booking a Uganda gorilla tour. This will not only help you plan ahead, but will also make you have the best experience while on your Uganda gorilla safari. Before we proceed, one fact you need to know is gorilla tracking can only be carried out in two Uganda national parks: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. This gorilla safaris review will inform you …


All you need to know about Culture in Uganda

Culture in Uganda

The culture of Uganda is comprised of variety of ethnic groups. Over 50 culturally diverse population make the potion of Uganda. These various ethnic groups have their own beliefs, culture, traditions, norms and more. The Bantu tribe carries the biggest potion of ethnicity in Uganda with majority living in the central region, eastern region and southern region of Uganda. The north is mainly made up of Nilotics like the Itesots, Langi, Karamojongs, Lugbaras, Acholis and more. So far English is …


Tips for Gorilla Tracking in Uganda

Affordable 3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Safari

Want to book gorilla safaris in Uganda to see the beautiful Mountain Gorillas Uganda was gifted with? Truth is Gorilla Tracking is such a great adventure, one of those experiences every person especially foreigners would love to encounter while on their stay in Uganda. However, it’s always recommended to know some tips before planning for your gorilla trekking holidays. The Gorilla Tracking tips below should inform you on what you need to do to experience the best encounter with Uganda …